2004 Foals

All of our 2004 foals have been sold. Thank you so much to everyone who purchased a foal from Hidden Timber.

All foals born at Hidden Timber Ranch are handled daily. Each foal is given individual attention and by the time they leave our farm they have learned to tie, lead, and pick up their feet. Our foals do equally well in the show ring, the breeding shed or as loving companions. All the mares were vaccinated before foaling in order to make sure that all the foals have full immunity. A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 will hold any foal until weaning, balance will be due before pick-up. Foals are weaned at approximately four months of age. The sires and dams of the following foals can be seen on the miniature horse page.

Hidden Timbers True Miracle

"Casper" gave us quite a scare when he was born. We were sure he was a lethal white foal. But miracles do happen and here he is happy and healthy and absolutely full of himself. Casper is pure white, with bably blue eyes and pink skin. His sire, Magic Mans Top Buck, is a loud buckskin frame/sabino overo, mom is Lilliput Acres Miraculous Alex, a bald faced, blue eyed mare of sabino background. He was 19" tall at birth and I expect he will mature around 30". He is very fine boned and extremely correct. Caspers LWO test came back and he is negative. Being that both his mom and dad have sabino backgrounds I suspect he is a maximum expression sabino. He will be registered AMHA and AMHR. Would love to find this colt a home where he can be shown and later used as a stallion. ****SOLD**** Congratulations to Diana Wood, I know you'll have many happy years with Casper.

Hidden Timbers Precious Opal

This pretty little tovero filly was born on Aprill 22. She is out of C Spots Rare Jewel, a bay splash overo and by Timber Ridges War Chief, a bay tovero. She has two beautiful blue eyes with eyeliner around them both, a little color on her ears and a couple spots on her little nose, the tip of her tail is black. This little girl is as sweet and friendly as they come. Will make someone a real pocket pet. I expect she will mature around 33" like her parents. ****SOLD**** Congratulations to Denise Clark of Big Sandy, Texas.

Hidden Timbers Just A Whisper

Whisper, born April 26, 2004, has that sweet disposition and perfect conformation that Molly has always put on her foals. She is solid chestnut, starting to shed out to be a very dark liver chestnut, with that big question mark blaze on her face. She should mature around 32 to 33 inches like her parents, Timber Ridges War Chief and Trey Acres Lu Molly. She will be registered both AMHA and AMHR and is definately show quality. Whisper has tested positive for the LWO gene, she can raise those pretty overo babies for you. * * * SOLD * * * Congratulations to John and Brenda Meck.

Hidden Timbers Believe In Magic

Teeny, Tiny, filly, born May 2. This little girl only measured 17" at birth, she is absolutely perfect, in form and color. I expect this tiny one will mature in the 26" to 28" range. Definately could be a contender in the 28" and under class. Her mom is Lucky Stars Karousel, black tovero, and her dad is a solid black son of Jandts Comanche Warrior, Northern Lites Black Magic. If you like them tiny, this little girl is just precious. She is registered both AMHA and AMHR. * * * SOLD * * * Congratulations to Johnny and Beth Kaylor on their purchase of "Halfpint".

Hidden Timbers Heaven Sent

Eve was born on May 4. She is out of Lucky Stars Dixieland Delight 30.5" and by FAF Brave Hero 30". This precious one is going to be a little taller than her parents, but she is extremely correct and everything I've been looking for. I'm afraid this one is not going to be for sale, but will remain here at Hidden Timber to become a part of our breeding program.

Hidden Timbers Brave Knight

AMHA/AMHR Tobiano colt born June 6, out of McSperrits Rowdy Nightmare (33.25") and by Fallen Ash Farms Brave Hero(30"). This nice colt is going to be very dark (black or brown) and has tested positive to be homozygous. He looks to mature in the 30" to 32" range. Nice colt with Rowdy and Fallen Ash Farms breeding. * * * SOLD * * * Congratulations to George Cook of College Station, TX.


This adorable little bay tobiano filly, born June 11, is not registerable. She is as sweet and correct a foal as you could ever hope for. Mom, Hilliards Deidie, is a chestnut and white, homozygous tobiano, 33 1/2". The filly looks as though she will mature in the 32 inch range. Nice little filly for a pet or would make a great 4H project. * * * SOLD * * * Congratulations to Johnny and Beth Kaylor of Maiden, NC, Lucy will certainly give you many, many years of love.