2013 Foals

Typical morning on the porch.

All foals born at Hidden Timber Ranch are AMHA/AMHR registered unless otherwise stated, many are or can be registered with PtHA as well. All foals will be sold with their registration papers, no foal will be sold on application! Each foal is given individual attention and by the time they leave our farm they have learned to tie, lead, and pick up their feet. Our foals do equally well in the show ring, the breeding shed or as loving companions. All the mares were vaccinated before foaling in order to make sure that all the foals have full immunity. A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 will hold any foal until weaning, balance will be due before pick-up. All foals sell with a negative coggins and health certificate when needed. Foals are weaned at approximately four months of age. The sires and dams of the following foals can be seen on our stallion and mare pages. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me an email @ hiddentimber@yahoo.com
or give me a call, I always love to talk horses.

Hidden Timbers Chasing the Streak

Our last foal of the season is a beautiful sorrel overo colt with a blaze and a large white spot on his left side. Chase entered the world on May 27 at 2:20 a.m. Sired by Streaker and out of our sabino mare, Alex. Born at just 20 1/2" tall, he should mature around 32 or 32 1/2" like his brother and sister before him. I just can't say enough about this colt, he is gentle and easy to handle and his conformation is excellent. Chase has tested positive for the frame overo gene (LWO) and negative for sabino and splash white. We are offering Chase for $1,200.00.

Hidden Timbers Magnificent Streak

Born May 4 at 10:30 p.m. Alibi really came through for us this time. A stunning black and white overo filly. Sweet, gentle girl, with bright blue eyes. Maggie too is deaf. Please read this. This beautiful filly is Rowdy bred on both sides. Sired by Streaker and out of Rauch's Rowdy Splash. Maggie is registered AMHA/AMHR/PtHA. Maggie's test show she is homozygous splash white overo, homozygous black and also carries a frame (LWO) gene. Maggie is growing and appears she is going to be quite tall. Thank you so much to Courtney Smith, watch for Courtney and Maggie in the show ring this year. * * * SOLD * * *

Hidden Timbers Twentyfour Karat Streak

Wow, our first foal of the year is a beautiful, super sweet and friendly overo filly. Karat was born April 14th at 9 p.m. What a little doll!! We will test Karat to see which overo genes she carries. Her mom, C Spots Rare Jewel, is a bay splash white overo and her dad, Cozy Corners Streak of Magic is a black and white frame/splash overo. Karat is deaf, before you think that these max overos that occasionally turn out to be deaf are in any way defective or handicapped please read this. Karat has tested homozygous for the splash white overo gene and also carries a frame (LWO) gene. In the future this pretty girl will give you overo foals every time, no matter what she is bred to. Thank you so much to Lori Rober of Lasting Joy Ranch! * * * SOLD * * *

Hidden Timbers Haunted Chief

Chester entered the world on April 22nd at 11:20 p.m. He was a good bit early and not fully filled out yet but he is doing well and gaining weight by the day. What a tiny little man!! Chester measured just 17" when he was born and I don't expect he'll go much over 28" when he is full grown. He will be registered AMHA/AMHR and PtHA. His mom is a black and white homozygous mare "Patches" and dad is our world champion War Chief. After four fillies in a row these two gave us a colt and what a colt he is! Gorgeous little head, super tiny, super correct, friendly and just adorable! Congratulations to Susan Bixler, Chester should be a great addition to your show string!! * * * SOLD* * *

Hidden Timbers Chiefs Scarlet Charm

Born on April 29 at 4:15 a.m. Pretty chestnut filly with a big blaze and blue eyes. Sired by our War Chief and out of Cherry Charmer, this pretty girl is gentle and pleasant to handle. Scarlet will make a wonderful youth horse or performance horse like her dad. This mares foals are always the nicest babies to deal with, very friendly and oh so correct. Scarlet tested positive for the splash white overo gene and negative for the LWO, frame overo gene. Congratulations to the McNamara family!! * * * SOLD * * *

Hidden Timbers Chiefs Trifecta

Born May 13 at 4:40 p.m. Yes, in the middle of a bright, sunny afternoon, Annie presented us with this beautiful little bay tobiano filly. Gorgeous little head, big dark eyes and white bow above her tail. She is sired by our world champion, War Chief and out of Annie, homozygous tobiano. We had a filly marked like this before from these two and she turned out to be homozygous for tobiano, tests show that Taffy is also homozygous for the tobiano gene. She will be registered AMHA/AMHR and PtHA. This pretty girl should make someone a nice show filly, very straight, very easy to work with, would be great for a youth or ammy and later will produce nothing but colorful foals for you. Congratulations to the McNamara's on their purchase of Taffy and Scarlet too!!! * * * SOLD * * *