Junior Fillies

Junior Fillies

This page is dedicated to our "ladies in waiting". Our hopes and dreams lie in our young stock. Below you will see some of our future dreams here at Hidden Timber. We are forever striving to make our breeding program the best we can make it and we are very proud of the young stock that we are bringing along to enhance our future.

Hidden Timbers Passionate Streak AMHA/AMHR/PtHA

Passion was born on April 11 at 2:40 a.m. Alibi gave us a beautiful little black and white splash white overo filly. Super friendly and in your face personality on this one. What a little love! Two pretty blue eyes, sired by Streaker and out of Rauchs Rowdy Splash, this is three gorgeous fillies in a row for these two. 21" tall at birth and very correct in the legs, like all of Streakers foals. Testing shows that Passion is homozygous for splash white overo and also carries a frame overo (lwo) gene. We have discovered that like her sister this pretty filly is also deaf. Before you think that these overos that occasionally turn out to be deaf are in any way defective or handicapped please read this. Passion is going to be remaining here at Hidden Timber Ranch forever!!!!!

Hidden Timbers Blackberry Streak

Fathers Day morning, 6/15/14 at 2:30 a.m. Cherry delivered this beautiful, blaze faced, splash white overo filly, sired by Streaker. Super sweet and easy to handle, BB has big dark eyes and a nice length of neck. Gentle, in your face girl :)

Hidden Timbers Peppys Glowing Debut

May 9 at 7:40 p.m. our very own Hidden Timbers Streak of Glitter delivered this beautiful buckskin tovero filly with two bright blue eyes. Sired by Gander Hill Peppys Tattoo, this pretty little girl entered the world at 20 3/4" tall. Super sweet and friendly like mom, she has a darling personality. As she has shed out she is getting darker and darker. Glow has tested lwo+ . Not For Sale!!!!