Before you dismiss a horse because you have been told it is deaf please consider this. The deaf horses are without a doubt the most lovable, gentle and friendliest little horses you will ever meet. They will follow you around like a puppy dog and beg for attention. They make wonderful children's horses as they don't spook at loud noises and their undeniable gentle nature is perfect for young ones. These wonderful horses are super for parades, shows, pets, or whatever you want to do with them, we have yet to find anything that a deaf horse can't do. After showing many years in the Paint Horse world where I met many people showing deaf horses and then finding myself training a young Paint Horse that was deaf. (It took me a year to realize she couldn't hear.) These horses so completely adapt to their "handicap" that you would never know. I have sold horses in the past and told the new owners that the foal they were buying is deaf and they will write to me after they have had their horse for a while and tell me I'm crazy that horse can hear. No they can't but you would be really hard pressed to be able to tell after the first few months. I will never sell a horse that I know is deaf without telling you. It is not a handicap, not a disability, not a fault, they are without question the greatest little horses on earth and I love them for their gentle dispositions and loving ways!!! If you want the scientific part of this, it seems that it is the lack of pigmentation at the roots of the hairs of the inner ear that causes the deafness. Horses with completely white heads and ears are most often deaf, however, it can occur in any apron faced horse. Below are pictures of some of the horses I've known over the years that have been deaf.

This is Pearl, she is totally deaf. I am still trying to figure out what it is that a deaf horse can not do. Here are a few pictures of Pearl.